Security When Borrowing Online Loans

There are several things that can be described when the security of borrowing online is affected. One is the digital security in connection with the loan, and another is the security that the borrower must either himself or should not provide.

On both of these issues, doubts may arise as to how it all ties together. In the end, fortunately, it is not as complicated and confusing as at first impression.

Security and security of online loans

Security and security of online loans

In the increasingly digitalized world, online security and security are becoming more and more important. When you borrow online, there are important and personal information you need to disclose and pass on.

Here, however, you will be secured by your digital signature in the form of NemID. A valid NemID is also required to be able to borrow money online. NemID is the joint solution between authorities, companies and private individuals. That is why there is a great focus on digital security. If you want more knowledge, you can read more information about the safety of NemID here.

We consider any information you provide confidential

online loan

As a lender, we will be responsible for your data in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act. However, your information will be used for an examination of your credit rating before you will have your application processed.

In general, online loans are as secure as a regular bank loan. In fact, several regular banks have begun to make it possible to borrow online. Here, however, they place the same severe demands on the loan applicants as they do in the physical banks.

Should I provide security for the loan?


When researching various loans online is “unsecured loans”, a term often encountered. However, this does not mean, as it might otherwise imply, that it is not safe to borrow. Borrowing money without providing collateral means that you borrow money without mortgaging anything you own. In many cases, providing a security for the loan is a thing that ordinary banks want. That way, they can take the pledged property unless you are able to pay on time.

With us, however, you do not have to provide collateral in connection with the loan. It helps ensure you can get the money faster. The fact that you do not have to provide collateral also means that you will be able to borrow money without owning various expensive things. Of course, there are a number of other criteria that must be met before you can apply for a loan. You can read more about the loan terms that apply here. However, borrowing online is quite easy, fast and secure.

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