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Welcome to the Goldencoin Finance mini-course on Family Budgeting and Savings. In the next few days you will receive in your email box several classes that will help you improve the management of your family budget and enhance the creation or reinforcement of your savings.


All people have the skills to properly manage their money

All people have the skills to properly manage their money

First of all, a stimulus note: all people have the skills to properly manage their money. This theme may seem complex but you will realize over time that with some reading and support from Goldencoin Finance you will be able to have all the tools to manage your money and create a savings that starts to earn regular interest.

The contents of this mini-course have already been tested in hundreds of financial consultations of check-up and intervention and in so many formations to all type of people. In all, we have already crossed over 6,000 people over the last three years, getting our prescriptions and treatments mean reductions in their monthly costs between 30% and 40 %%.


Steps to achieve your financial goals

Steps to achieve your financial goals

In order for your case to be a success case and in order to reduce your costs we propose that you join us in the following modules:

  1. Diagnosis of your current financial situation:
    1. Building and interpreting your financial assets;
    2. Building and interpreting your family budget;
    3. Where and how to cut costs;
  2. Define objectives and plans;
  3. How to stay in line and achieve independence.

As you can see, we will guide you to clearly identify your situation, an essential point in defining the steps to follow to achieve your financial goals. We do not deny that we will have to make some efforts and take some options but we know that the necessary efforts will be clearly rewarded. Ultimately, we want you to focus on your goals and your dreams.

At the beginning of this mini-course, we suggest that until the next session try to be attentive to all expenses less than 5 euros that you are doing throughout the day.

If you need any support along this route or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email.

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